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Training and Education

Medication Administration Training

Medication Administration Training

MAT Training

This training will certify employees in all Day Care modalities to be able to give medications at your sites. This class can be done at your site or at the Child Care Council of Orange County in Goshen, NY. Please visit the link below to view the website for more details.  Please note that there is a member and non-member fee for this class. 

All classes must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance prior to desired start date.  If you must cancel it must be 3 days prior to the class starting.  You must email the trainer at: with any questions you may have.  If you cannot make it to class and would like a refund (same-day cancellations are scheduled for review prior to issuing a refund) please notify the trainer in writing at the e-mail listed above. Refunds will not be issued if the trainer has not been notified in writing


4-hour class - $250 ($150 reimbursed upon successful completion)

8-hour class - $350 ($240 reimbursed upon successful completion)

Checks are made payable to Jennifer Warm and must be brought on the day of the training.

Independent Study

In order to take this class please see the guidelines above regarding scheduling.  Once the class is established each person must go to the website above and register for the class under "APPLY FOR MAT," please register with a personal e-mail address and not your business e-mail address.  Once registered you must now complete the following:

  • Download MAT Participant Handouts please note it is 182 pages under the MAT tab 
  • Place all downloaded materials into a 3-ring binder
  • Watch MAT videos in English also under the MAT tab
  • Complete all exercises in the packet that correspond to the videos, trainer will check the day of class to make sure it was done
  • Classes are done over a 2-day period on the first day participants will go over how to give medications and any questions on materials in the videos or in the participant handouts
  • The second day of class will focus on testing: participants have two chances to pass all of the 3 tests required to get a certificate
  • All tests are open book
  • There is a written test with 60 questions multiple choice and you cannot get more than 12 wrong
  • You must demonstrate you know how to identify anaphylaxis and give an Auvi - Q auto-injector and Epi-Pen auto-injector
  • Perform a liquid measure using a dosing spoon, syringe, or medicine cup
  • Demonstrate you can give medication safely by performing a randomized skill from a possible 15 scenarios
  • Please Bring with you on the day of class: a pen, pencil, completed MAT participant handouts, ID, and any questions written down 

3rd Time MAT Renewal

The 3rd time MAT renewal must be scheduled after the successful completion of the online test sent in your e-mail on file by the Professional Development Program.  Please see the above regarding scheduling this class. 

The fee for members is $150 per person.  Upon successful completion of this class you are eligible for a $70 rebate. Checks are made payable to Jennifer Warm and must be brought on the day of the training.

Prior to scheduling your test date, it is recommended that you bring the most current copy of the MAT participant materials located on the MAT website as well as watch the MAT training videos as a refresher.  On the day of testing:

  • Please have ID and proof of passing the online test
  • Answer any questions you have prior to testing out
  • You must pass the following tests to have your certificate renewed: randomized skill out of 15 possible scenarios, liquid measure out of a syringe, medicine cup, or dosing spoon, and how to recognize and respond to anaphylaxis - demonstrate how to use an Epi-Pen Auto-Injector and Avi-Q Auto-Injector

​More Important MAT Information

  • Please note testing time may extend the classroom time of 4 hours if you need to retake any part of the written, randomized skills, autoinjectors, or liquid measuring tests 
  • The Independent Study class is over a two-day period at two-hour intervals depending on testing needs
  • Please notify the trainer of any special testing needs
  • Classes will begin sharply at scheduled times, if late you will not be able to attend class and will not be issued a refund
  • Please contact the trainer with any questions or concerns you have prior to signing up for a class