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Quality Indicators

Choosing the Right Child Care

When it comes to looking for care you want the best. Quality care has a positive impact on a child’s growth.

Consider this:

  • Education– The site should know how kids develop. Training is a key sign of quality. It is best to look for a site that has both training and experience.
  • Caregiver Education — The program and/or provider should be knowledgeable and understand child development. Their training should be up to date. Activities should be appropriate for your child’s skill level. The environment should be both stimulating and child friendly.
  • Accreditation– Programs that are accredited have passed National standards for quality child care beyond the state registration and licensing standards.
  • Group Size– Children are more engaged when working within a smaller group. Caregivers are able to give more individual attention to children and there is less competition for resources and materials. The state sets guidelines for group size and ratio. A program and/or provider that choose to have smaller group sizes than what the state requires is an element of quality care.
  • Ratios– Children are supervised better when there are more adults to children in a group. State licensing rules sets the number of adults to children in each group. A program and/or provider that choose to have more adults than what the state requires, is an element of quality care.
  • Family Involvement– Parents want to feel a sense of community with their child care program. A program and/or provider that encourage family participation and share in both the successes and struggles of the children, is an element of quality care.
  • Consistent Care– Children feel a sense of safety and security when caregivers are thoughtful and caring. The presence of familiar caregivers with minimal turnover is a element of quality child care
  • Health and Safety– Children thrive in environments that are safe and clean. Programs and/or providers that inspect equipment frequently, sanitize the surroundings and monitor visitors, reduce the risks to children’s health and safety. These are elements of quality child care.

When you call for a referral we will send you info on these topics. We will send you additional info upon request. Along with supplying written info, we also offer onsite seminars. Please contact us to get more info.