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Credentials & Accreditation

Credentials and Accreditation are indicators of high quality standards. Credentials are based on the individual meeting these quality standards. Accreditation indicates the program has achieved these higher standards. Some colleges will accept CDA and SACC credential hours.

Credentialing Agencies/Information

Council for Professional Recognition- Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) visit https://www.cdacouncil.org/

The Child Care Council of Orange County, Inc. offers the 120 hours of formal education for the credential. Funding for CDA face to face class and the CDA assessment fee are available at http://www.ecetp.pdp.albany.edu. Family and Group Providers may access Professional Development funds from CSEA.

For more information, contact Linda Martini at (845) 294-4012.

NETWORK FOR YOUTH SUCCESS- NYS School Age Child Care Credential – visit http://networkforyouthsuccess.org/

NYAEYC (NY Association for the Education of Young Children) – visit http://nyaeyc.org/

  • Children’s Program Administrator Credential
  • Family Child Care Credential
  • Infant Toddler Credential
  • Training and Technical Assistance Professional Credential

Accreditation Agencies/Information

Visit these sites for more information:

NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) – child care centers

Visit https://www.naeyc.org/

NETWORK FOR YOUTH SUCCESS – NYS school age child care –

Visit http://networkforyouthsuccess.org/

NAFCC (National Association for Family Child Care) Accreditation –

Visit https://www.nafcc.org/