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Public Policy Reports


The Child Care Council of Orange County, Inc. is a private, non-profit resource and referral agency. We help develop child care resources in the county and offer parents referrals to child care.

The Child Care Council of Orange County Inc. collects data using a national information management system, NACCRRAware, developed and owned by Child Care Aware of America (formerly NACCRRA). We collect and update data on the overall supply and demand for child care, its cost and soon under the QualitystarsNY endeavor, the quality of the programs available for children so we can provide those in Orange County, NYS, and the US with standardized, valid, reliable, and comparable data and information. Our data serves as the foundation for promoting effective policies and those in the making. We collect: twenty-two supply (provider) data fields and twenty-six demand (client) data fields (located at the end of this page).

Parents seek care that meets their needs. Most of these needs are based on quality, accessibility, and affordability. Our Referral Specialist helps parents by giving them up to date choices to help them make an informed decision.

Employers and the community and legislators can use our data to understand the child care needs of our county. Will there be sufficient child care choices and slots if a new business venture comes into our county? Will the wages paid to employees support their child care choices? Is there a waiting list for child care subsidies or will parents face challenges in their finding adequate child care? Is there a need to meet provider turnover, increasing standards, a section of our community underserved? Our data can help support employers, parents, the community, and legislators in understanding our county’s strengths and weaknesses.

We also compile much of our data into an Annual Report that is posted on our website every year in January. Community and policy makers can be aided in their decision making through its use.

Contact us for more information at (845)294-4012 x224 or 222.