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ADVOCACY & RESOURCES Advocacy means to speak up and take action

We need to provide QUALITY CHILD CARE for children.

Business leaders, parents, child care providers, and the community at large can provide powerful voices!

We need to:

  • make children our priority to help them create better lives. Investing in our children and their programs in their earliest years provides continuity of care and real economic returns.
  • help families who are struggling financially. Scholarships help parents keep working.
  • support parent education and employee workshops.

How can I be an advocate?

  • Stay informed about the issues that affect children
  • Promote a strong community by raising awareness and becoming involved
  • Support organizations who work on behalf of children, their families, and child care programs.

Legislators face a real information challenge because they are constantly bombarded with so much data and information, and sorting through that information is something they have to do every day. You have a very important role for Advocating for Children, especially around their early childhood years of zero to age six, in helping legislators prioritize their decisions. If you provide them with your concerns and opinions, it helps them evaluate policies and make good decisions based on what’s best for children in ways that benefit their constituents.

Resources for Advocacy:

Empire State Campaign for Child Care– Our mission is to achieve equitable access to quality child care for all children and working families in New York State. http://www.empirestatechildcare.org/

WINNING BEGINNING, NY. – helping to make sure our children and families have all they need for healthy and safe learning. http://www.winningbeginningny.org/

Child Care Aware of America – working with child care agencies to make sure our kids and families have quality, affordable child care. https://childcareaware.org

Early Care and Learning Council – The hub of the NYS network of child care resource and referral agencies https://www.earlycareandlearning.org/

ZERO TO THREE – A not for profit organization that helps to train professionals and parents to help improve the lives of our babies and toddlers. https://www.zerotothree.org/